First, have to say it for the legal guys. I work for Microsoft. This blog isn’t sponsored by Microsoft. The opinions expressed here are my own, not Microsoft’s. That said I’m a big fan, and proud of it!

What do I do for Microsoft? Title wise I’m a Senior Application Development Manager. Brings a lot of clarity doesn’t it. I work with clients of Premier Support for Developers. That “for Developers” is the awesome part. I get to work with developers to help in their development processes, architecture, technical education and support demands. That feeds my passion for helping teams build fridge worthy stuff.

My background prior to working for Microsoft is an interesting one, probably a post in and of itself. The short of it is Army -> Data Entry -> Report Dev -> ETL Dev -> College to learn how to Dev -> VB Dev -> Classic ASP Dev -> ASP.Net Dev -> WinForms -> WPF Dev -> ASP.Net Dev -> Dev Manager/Dev Lead -> Chief Architect -> Microsoft YAY!

I’ve worked with PubSec and Commercial, big companies and small. Mostly I’ve worked with B2B organizations within larger giant organizations. GMAC-RFC, Hallmark and now Microsoft all have that same model for where I work. A total of 12 years of my near 20 years of experience has been in that kind of organization.

I’m married, going on 22 years now. We have three kids: a 21 year old daughter, a 19 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.

I’ll let that sink in a sec…

No, the 2 year old was not an oops kid. You don’t go 17 years between kids then all of sudden have an oops. My wife and I were facing an empty nest. Having the first two so young (18 and 20), we saw that empty nest and thought hey, we’re still young enough to have another. We didn’t pursue having another, we just stopped preventing it from happening.

Let me tell you, what an awesome result. There is a huge difference in parenting style, understanding, and most importantly patience. The older kids have been the best as well. Nothing quite so sobering as having your children point out your mistakes from the first time around so you don’t make them again. Only two years in, but loving every minute of it. I’ll have to do a post on just how awesome that has been.

I am an introvert by nature, an extrovert by profession. What does that mean? I’d rather stay in my own head, the debates there are pretty heated! But know that to succeed in life, people like to be a part of the conversation.

Why a blog? Why now? What are you going to blog about?

Why not a blog? I like to write, helps me get my thoughts in order, also helps me reason out how to communicate a thought or idea to others.

Why now? I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for years. So the why now question can mostly be attributed to wife and work. Both giving me a push that I needed to start.

What am I going to blog about? Work, life, and how I see them. Specific topics? No idea, we’ll have to wait and see.

So that’s me, hope you enjoy the blog.